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ICE Conference Excel London

The ICE Conference is looked at as the world's largest and most influential business Gaming event. It is a series of targeted one-day conferences, covering all Gaming markets. The conferences draw together an enviable community of leading strategic thinkers, entrepreneurs and regulators who combine to provide a route map of where gaming is heading.

There were two attendees from the Commission:

  • Mr Andral Shirley                   -           Executive Director
  • Carole Martinez-Johnson        -           ICT Director

The conference was held over a 3 day period, Feb 1-3 and included presentations and demonstrations as under :

  • The International Casino Conference
  • Modernizing Lotteries Retail and Digital
  • World Regulatory Briefing
  • Data Insight and Business Intelligence
  • Cross Platform and Multi-Functional Gaming
  • Game Design and Development
  • Betmarkets
  • Cybercrime, Security and Regulatory Compliance


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